From the age of newspapers to online articles, printed photographs to digital images, mobile phone has served as a medium for many different purposes. Internet – a huge source of information, is operated through mobile phone by a majority of users. Be it social or personal, mobile phone is a medium that incorporates both peer-to-peer and mass communication. Mobile phone has penetrated into the everyday life of users and has influenced ways in which they use media technology, a phenomena known as “Domestication”. Users and technology both influence each other. Looking back at the history of mobile phones, users have found new ways of finding utility of the phone in communication technologies, such as the SMS. Over the years, the development of phones as a new media has involved a close connect with currently studied media studies concepts like visual media culture and user-generated content production.

Seeing the phone as a new media opens up ideas of finding it’s usage in different fields. With the advancements in technology, mobile TV, home automation, etc, are being done through the phone. Once thought as a medium of mere communication, the phone is now framing itself as a medium of future technology.

With the growth of web services, mobile phone is serving as a medium of information generation and commercialization. It acts as a medium of business, as an easy method of reaching out to potential customers. Mobile phone as a “new” media would mean integration of it’s complete potential to sync everything happening around us. It should be able to solve our everyday problems and act as a single medium for all. Both professionally and personally, the phone should inculcate techniques to enhance the lifestyle of all, and provide a one-stop solution.




– Akriti Kaur, 140205003