India, a land slathered by layers of cultures, social norms and traditions has long been a center of in interest and scrutiny. The gradual change of different cultures in time and their assimilation has led to a certain degree of change in the attitude and behavior of the same. So long has his been understood as a process obvious with time but the impact and influence of this is visible to an extent that has been reflective of a factor deeper than time has contributed to the impact. Eames Report here is a humble attempt to lead a way to understand the same and impart the knowledge to the generations to comes so that they will be aware of the beautiful ‘period’ that has lead to the changes and use the knowledge gathered to produce beautiful products in the Indian context. Eames Report has in a way paved the way for designing and developing products that would align with the beautiful culture, social norms and traditions that India holds dear to. The Report gracefully explains the phenomenon and the nature of changes among others with the beautiful example of ‘LOTA’.

‘LOTA’, the simple vessel of everyday life, has been studied and described beautifully by Eames. The LOTA has been taken as an example to describe the effect of the changes that takes place over time in a certain society in the products designed and developed in then same. These changes may be due to a variety of reasons. From changes in culture, values of the society and traditions, the products change due to a gradual assimilation of the same culture, values and traditions that reflect finally in a product of daily use. LOTA, as described by Eames, underwent a series of changes with time. These changes have been gradual and has lead us to the LOTA that it is today. It wasn’t a product of a specific time, rather something that has developed, gradual gathering and loss of changes, like dusts on rolling stone, gradually smoothing itself due to friction on the way. The process is gradual, and all the factors that has contributed to the LOTA that it is today has been acquired over time, the combination of factors that has been deemed essential has been kept and opposites discarded Modification of factors went hand in hand. Such is the nature of these changes is, the LOTA that it is today, the graceful LOTA, could not have been designed overnight. First one would have to shut out all preconceived ideas on the subject and then begin to consider factor after factor. The factors are too astronomical for a single person to have designed the present LOTA.  Many individuals represented in their own way through something they may have added or may have removed or through some quality of which they were particularly aware.

The Report proposes the establishment of an institute that would facilitate the designing or creation of LOTAs of our time. The idea behind is to understand and study the effects and changes that would accumulate over time in a certain society and then application of the knowledge gathered to generate an attitude that would that will appraise and solve the problems of our coming times with the same tremendous service, dignity and love that the LOTA served its time.