India is changing. The change in India is undergoing because of the introduction of communication. This communication has led to a wild competition in the market. This change has led to the degradation of quality in the products it produce.

Indian government asked Charles Eames to recommend a solution to the current problem. Eames came up with the introduction of a design institute that would also be an advanced training medium. It would be connected with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry but it should retain enough autonomy to protect its prime objective from bureaucratic disintegration.

He explained the urgency of the institute through the concept of LOTA. He considered lota as a great design but lota was not made in a day. All the features and factors came together over centuries. So, there is a need of a design institute that will make design much faster.

The institute will first need students or trainees who come from the background of creativity. He specifically recommended architects because they are closest to the designers and they are aware of all the different disciplines such as physics and philosophy etc. Secondly, we need faculty which will complement the students in terms of numbers. They should come from all the different disciplines so they that they can think in all the directions and solve any problem thrown at them. He suggested many projects that the institute will primarily work on.

  1. A project that will define the meaning of values in India considering all the factors.
  2. A project that will look into the previous more common problems that have not been solved.
  3. The problems of railroads and post office etc.
  4. The problem of conduction foreign as well as domestic occasions.