Hip Hop is a subculture and Art movement developed by African American and Latino from the inner-city Bronx neighbourhood in New York in the late 1970s.

DJ Afrikka Bambaata is one of the pioneer of Hip Hop. Many think Hip Hop as a dance form and others think it’s a RAP. Actually Hip hop is mixture of 4 art forms viz.

1.RAP 2.Dance(B-Boying) 3.Graffiti 4.DJing. “Beat boxing” is also a part in Hip HOP subculture.

In the beginning there was Africa, and it is from Africa that all today’s black American music, be it Jazz, R’n’B, Soul or Electro, is either directly or indirectly descended. The ancient African tribal rhythms and musical traditions survived the shock of the transportation of milllions of Africans as slaves to the Americas, and after 300 years of slavery in the so called Land of the Free the sounds of Old Africa became the new sounds of black America. Rapping, the rhythmic use of spoken or semi-sung lyrics grew from its roots in the tribal chants and the plantation work songs to become, an integral part of black resistance to an oppresive white society.

But in this blog I will talk about HipHop music.

By the end of 1978 the Bronx was weIl and truly on the boil. Everything had come together: the scratching techniques of the DJs, the body-moves of the break dancers and the vocal style of the rappers.Surprisingly, though, the first rap record as such was on the B-side of the once great Fatback Band’s 1979 release ‘You’re My Candy Sweet’; the flipside rap was called and performed by King Tim III (Personality Jock) and gained the single a great deal more success than the fairly mundane A-side deserved.

However, it was the next rap  ‘Rapper’s Delight’ by the Sugarhill Gang on Sylvia Robinson’s Sugarhill label was a 14 minute rap epic that used Chic’s massive disco hit ‘Good Times’ as its rhythm track.



*Lyrics part of Music(Hip hop): In rap music rappers/MCs try to use rhyming words to make a song sound good. It all started while they are partying in evening and weekends.  Now I will talk about how the Rhyming patterns evolved from Kurtis Blow time(1970s) to Kendrick Lamar time(present).

So let’s go into the timeline of lyrics and Rhyming in HIPHOP:

*In 1983, from Grand master flash and Furious five:

Broken glass everyWHERE
People pissing on the stairs, you know they just don’t CARE
I can’t take the smell, can’t take the NOISE
Got no money to move out, I guess I got no CHOICE

This is a simple A-A-B-B rhyme pattern.

*In 1986,  from ERIC B and RAKIM:

Say INDEED and I’ll proCEED cause my MAN MADE a MIX
If HE BLEED he won’t NEED no BAND-AID to FIX

Rakim wrote to internal rhymes in each line. and a multi syllabic rhyme with an illusion(a,to).

 Pattern: AB-AB, C-C, DEF-DEF

*In 1994. from Illmatic (NAS):




I’m like Scarface sniffin’ coCAINE

Compound rhymes with 4 syllables. This repeats 2 times in just 2 lines.

This is ABCD-ABCD, A*B*C*D*-A*B*C*D*