Hey girl…you make me wanna eat you….
every time I see you it’s like the first time I meet you.
fragrance like a flower..subtle and sweet too..
When ever I see you… I wanna be you….

promise I won’t play cheap tricks…
If you face a problem…I’ll give back’em bad kicks
I’m about to start the story
I amma sahara without greenary…
you are as sweet as sweet cherry…
My world don’t have honey bees,..
girl please, be my ZIZ Oasis…

I talked about you with my first cousin…
wanna walk with you..baby you’re ain’t a dime a dozen.
now the ball is in your court..
my heart is ready to be a love fort…

now I’ll talk about your smile..
somethin’ made me happy after rajini’s style..
for the first time I saw you at night…
your smile is a silvery moon light…
wondered about seeing moon on earth..
couldn’t believe,for me it’s a rebirth…

Hope I am not going through blind alley..
I love you..more than MF DOOM loves his ally.

all time I dream about you honey..
liked all your pics on facebook….
I know sometimes I’m funny…
I wrote your name in my daybook..

my imagination power is infinite..
so I hugged my pillow so tight..

come on accept my love..
waiting for that blue moon..
didn’t propose anyone upto now..
thinking you’re my love boon…


Malla Prasanth