I didn’t knew this queen when I was a teen
for the first time I liked her in 2015..
’cause I got to know her heart is gold..
At begining I got irritation im my mind
but then realised she is unique and kind
I met her when I was 14 years old..
’cause I got to know her heart is gold..
I started self-traiining ’cause love game is so hard..
So started taking care of my Vocal cords
I imagined she is so fast , I did her so fast..
I did her so hard..
Realised she is neither fast nor slow..
but beauty is innocent sweeter on a flow
and I liked her a lot..

Sometimes my friends say “She is a crap get rid of her ASAP”
They wanna chop her with a chopper
’cause they think she is talentless and couldn’t impress
Their words are poison that kill my confidence
My playmates believe she is very fast
but I know they are wrong … tolerated ’em for so long
I tell people she is “Aplle to my eye”
I’m trynna shut their “Hue and Cry”
I cry a lot in my heart when they say her a bitch
I felt they are jealous because she is fan rich
But yes she is in clubs with short clothes
and she goes out with other Hoes
I saw few guys doing her at Dominos
Her voice is sweeter than Amily’s
Now I wanna listen to her daily
but I feel doing it rarely
She is in each of my molecules
but rules gonna be rules
not looking at her much and that was cool
’cause at the same time I am going back to school
Now becoming famous here like Pizza
Had heart of mother teresa
In variations she is Monalisa
I never did abuse her, she’s a magic
come back stop that cusic
love your smile, can’t loose it
Hey you all… I am talkin’ about Rap music.