The meaning of Modernity in sociological context. How the term ‘modern’ affected the rural-based individuals and how it changed the meaning of freedom, liberation and ultimately life.
It gave a new concept of the possibilities of future.
The traditional approach of families, community, and decentralization was converted to individuality, nuclear families, and centralization of labour. People were drawn to urban areas for work, they worked as labours in industries, formerly who worked in their own farms, or someone else’s. They were introduced to the new sense of freedom, that was both liberating and alienating. It influenced the individuals both socially and politically, they were free to transform themselves however they wanted. Thus the new religious groups and social and political groups took form. It was beneficial for the leaders and supporters of modernity, but the traditional, family-based approach of living was almost gone.

Today, time flies. However, in the past, before industrialization and modernisation, people had limited means of entertainment, and few mediums to communicate. They used to talk, play, create, think, innovate, observe closely, to things that were provided naturally, and hence discovered more about world. After modernisation, people were more interested in future, they were not living in present and not pondering over the past.
The creation of communicating medium however helped in connecting easily, fast and better, but it took the essence of wait and putting the effort in penning down the feelings into words. People now have the information in seconds, earlier, they would travel from one country to another just to know, how the distant relatives were doing.

Industrialization helped in many ways, people would know the happenings in other countries accurately and fastly, they could travel within hours, they can communicate easily, they were more aware of surroundings than before, but they lost the sense of exploring, because almost everything was available, people would not go in search of sticks for fire, they will not wander alone in fields with cattles, they would never ride a horse just to reach someone’s house, they wouldn’t create weapons from stones and wood, they wouldn’t use pigeons for passing messages, they wouldn’t sit together around the fire to listen to adventurous stories.
Though Modernisation has helped in numerous ways, it took away
countless things.


-Sajiya Chaudhary