The small scale industry in a India is plays a very important role in job creation and employment. Even after flooding of the market with foreign goods due to globalization, the small scale industry plays a major role in keeping the Indian culture and values Intact in their products. To save indigenous production and Design the government of India follows policies for the reservation items for exclusive development in the small scale sector. But lately due to the changes and development India is going through it was the need of the hour to address the need of proper design training to serve as an aid so small industries and Resist the deterioration of consumer goods within the country.

Charles Eames, American industrial designer and his wife and colleague Ray Eames were called by the government of India to study design in India and recommendation for training program in design. He toured India for three moths, visited design centers, handicraft and general industries, made his observations and critical analysis on the current state of design and designed the type of program that would help India with the changes and developments and affect the world in the larger picture. He compiled his Experiences, observations, recommendations and suggestions in ‘THE INDIA REPORT’.He had some very interesting observations to mention, ‘LOTA ‘ to mention.

Lota has always been a utensil that almost all Indians use daily in some form or the other, it is present in almost every other Indian household. Even after using it extensively we never really noticed how precisely it has been designed to counter the very Indian needs. It was not designed by a designer keeping such a foreseen vision in mind but it shows how evolution plays an important role in design, how it got changed according to peoples need,molded according to purposes served which gave rise to the form it is in present. Eames very brilliantly pointed out its design specifications showing how talented Indians are, and how they think and work.

After completing his three month research and touring India Eames gave few recommendations for the design training program in India. He mentioned the aim and structure of the Institute, also specifying the kind of staff and students it can have, also what kind of curriculum it will follow, what opportunities students will have in future and also how its administration will function, touching all the the consequences and affects of such and institution and every detail about how the idea can be turned to reality.

His research gave us lots of incites about the present condition of design and small scale industries in India. He provoked us to realize how much potential India has and how it affects the World. He also gave incites about the most indigenous designs like a lota. Which helped us think about the daily resources we use in a new light and also how much difference a well thought and initiated education plan can Creat. Cheers to Indian government, Charles Eames and his wife and colleague Ray Eames.

-Charu Soni