When I started preparing for JEE, I was unaware of the amount of load and the level of competition which I would be facing in the coming two years. By the time I realized those, I was already 4,38,000 minutes late.(FYI 4,38,000 minutes = 10 months)

My physics teacher started haunting me in my dreams by saying “Beta, tumse na ho paaega”. Every time my friends discussed some PCM questions, a feeling of guilt occupied my mind as it all went over my head like bouncers . A guilt of wasting my precious time which could have been used wisely. But I still had some hope left in me, i analysed my condition and found out that I still had a lot of time left which iff managed thoughtfully can lead to great results. It was as that time I interacted with these colourful, small 3*3 square shaped paper(POST-IT NOTES) which not only sticked to surfaces easily but also were easily removable. I used to plan my daily schedule with these notes and it helped me becoming more productive and finally clearing my JEE exam . Now I am in my pre-final year of B.Des from IIT Guwahati. Lots of things have changed since then, but one thing that is still sticking around is the Post-it notes or “CHIPKU” what I used to call them. Earlier, I used them to plan my days and now as a UX designer I am using them for affinity analysis, brainstorming and many more things.


CHIPKU has become a universal product nowadays. But his birth was not intended but was one of the incredible accidents.Don’t you think it’s funny??

In 1968, Dr. Silver, a chemist at 3M(name of the company) was busy researching about strong adhesives in the lab. During the process, he invented an adhesive that stuck lightly to surfaces but didn’t bond too tightly. His invention was something different. The situation was funny as he had the solution(CHIPKU) but he was yet to find the problems which could be solved.  He spent years trying to figure out the use of those notes.

And then another accident happened. Arthur Fry, another scientist at 3M used to sing at church’s choir. He used markers to keep his place in the hymnal, but they kept falling out of the book.  Remembering Silver’s adhesive, Fry used some to coat his markers.  Success!  With the weak adhesive, the markers stayed in place, yet lifted off without damaging the pages.

I thought, what we have here isn’t just a bookmark,” said Fry. “It’s a whole new way to communicate.”

There were some problems during the initial launch of the notes but finally it became a huge success in 1980. It’s been 37 years and Post-it notes have helped people to be more productive, communicate better and express themselves in a number of creative ways. These are simple in form but offer a lots of different functions! It all depends on the users. Some examples:

Mona lisa portrait using post-it

Pixelated art


Some other uses of Post-it notes

Nowadays, they come up in variety of colours. But, the initial sticky notes invented were yellow coloured. If you are thinking that there might be some logical reasoning behind it, then my friend you are thinking too much. It all happened by chance. While testing the post-it notes, they only had yellow coloured paper. Again, this accident also turned out in their favour as yellow colour catches the attention and an important message on it can’t be missed.

People were so attracted to these sticky notes that there electronic versions were also introduced. These small inventions shape our lives and help us in one way or other. CHIPKU  has helped me a lot in my life and one line that comes to my mind when I see him is “ Tum jo aae zindagi mein, baat ban gayi”.


-Kartik Kataria(140205014)