Culture can be a moment, an ideology, or some pattern that in my opinion, is followed by people either to achieve a goal or due to societal pressures, from a small set of people to the whole world.

Culture has many meanings, interpretations, definitions and I made my own statement of what culture is to me. The word Culture is as abstract as the word Design. In the sense that it doesn’t have a clear set of principles or ideas or definitions.

In this article, I would write some of the cultural moments, ideologies, experience and trends according to what the word culture means to me. Most of the statements could be stated as ‘negative culture’ as these observations were done over a long period of time with retrospection and personal experiences. This article will be based on my experiences and with life in a village, a metropolitan city, to a large Institute and with the news readings.

It is important to know the culture not only as a Designer but also as a human to interact with people. People resist large changes in culture, in small changes, they themselves do not know if they have changed or not.(examples following!)


A cultural moment is a certain ceremony or programme that binds a group of people together.

  • Playing with colours and water guns while Holi is a cultural moment.
  • A marriage ceremony with loads of sweets, food and people is a cultural moment for both the observers and the people involved in the marriage
  • A birthday party or any other success party is a cultural moment. Today’s youth party while they had bad experiences to get over it.

While most cultural moments are positive or that which makes us happy, there are negative moments too like terrorism in the name of religion, moral policing especially with regards to Valentine’s celebration in India



A cultural ideology is a pre-conceived belief that is instilled in a person’s mind by the environment that something is not right or something is right. Although there is a decrease in cultural ideologies, the ideologies are hard to remove from one’s opinion after the idea sitting in their minds throughout their lives. This is due to the fact that people resist abrupt changes. A gradual change is welcome, in fact not observed at all.

  • All the superstitions followed in India. It is so much followed even in the most forward-thinking, big families of India
  • The caste system is a serious cultural ideology that divides us Indians as a whole. Though our country is secular, it has high differences in society, that is not spoken much about. Rants on twitter that an actor is of low caste is a negative culture and it needs to be addressed quickly. The irony here is if it is addressed quickly, chances are the people will observe the change and stop changing. A subtle, gradual change is needed.
  • A job going person is well settled and financially stable. If every person is looking out for a job, who will be the leader. Here we are complaining that politicians are not educated and ruling us. The number of engineers graduating in India is almost equal to Switzerland’s population, still, we rank 66 in Global Innovation Index.
  • The statement that fair is beautiful is instilled in my mind to such an extent that I sometimes do not use to feel comfortable under my own skin.



A trend is a follow up of successful people or inspirational people. Some cases exist where their favourite leader’s principles and ideas are not aligned with their dreams, they try to be their favourite leader

  • Few successful technology-based startups in India sprang up the notion that a tech startup makes a person a successful entrepreneur. Now almost all the startups springing in India are technology-based startups
  • MSc in the US, MBA after B.Tech, are degrees pursued by Indian youth
  • Western influence in the concept of love-Earlier love was grown, inconsistencies were solved. There is my mere guess that there are going to be more percentage of Divorces in India in near future.


Most of the examples are negative.
Identifying culture is like identifying Design. Good culture, Design is invisible. Bad Design, culture is visible, frustrating.