The Very first class of art design and society this semester provided a momentum to Re-think the surrounding where we have been living past 2.5 years. In the first class itself, the professor was successful enough to implant the idea of “Need to Re-think” in our mind and how surrounding would have been a much better place if it was thoughtfully designed. The class lecture bombarded us with many innovative examples of design thinking and at the end, we were left to explore the surrounding. The thing I loved was – we were free to think of any domain, there were no constraints set on surrounding to work upon. As the class ended and we step out, I observed a different world around me in which I was an OBSERVER and not merely a user with high negligence about surrounding. I was observing everything from a different perspective ranging from a very small thing to the big establishments around me. My friend thoughts combined with my thoughts were producing amazing observations about how people try to fit in their surrounding and how do they Come up with something called “jugad“(local solution to a local problem). The whole process of observing things was the very learning experience. I observed how miss out minor things.

Now let me explain one of the observations and the solution that I came up with:

Observation: This observation came from my classroom itself.

The problem faced by students in finding the electric switch corresponding to the particular light.

Problem: The switches were not mapped with the corresponding properly thus it leads to confusion while selecting switches to switch ON/OFF the lights.

Solution: The mapping of switches according to proximity law such that the switches corresponding to lights are located and mapped on board with respect to position.

Key Features of the solution: The key feature of the solution is that this does not require any extra cost. So the placement of switches is very important and can reduce cognition load for a new user.

Rough Sketch:5040526528751721391-account_id=1.jpg