This past week, we were discussing the evolution of design through various products. From everyone’s favorite examples of chairs to when you put design history + evolution together to welded tables built in Bauhaus, to Dyson’s vacuum cleaners to the iconic phone booths in London.

We were then asked to write about an object that represents the history and evolution of design through its demeanor. An object that can be said to have beheld the past, present and also future of our culture and society. I looked around and the glossy magazine talked back to me, knowing exactly the answers to the questions I was looking for.

Magazines have been the source of information, news, entertainment, luxury, …for almost a century now.¬†Having their origin in diverse settings and catering to a multitude of people, magazine covers have had the responsibility of reflecting the society and it’s culture and digital advancement in it’s truest form.

Below are some of the compiled images from articles to illustrate my point of how magazine covers capture our design history and society!


The imagery, the fonts, the content on the cover all are telling accounts of the society at that time. It is interesting to see how this everyday object has captured the evolution so well.