Well, culture has varied meanings and definitions. The dictionary definition – Culture is the characteristics and knowledge of a particular group of people, defined by everything from language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music and arts. Too tough to understand right? I believe the meaning of culture is subjective. What I call “cultured” might be “uncultured” for someone else. Living in a nation with varied mentalities, we all interpret culture in different ways.

For me, culture is a presentation of values and personality. Culture is related to one’s religion, language and native. Culture is like a mirror, it reflects who you are, it defines you. It is your identity, you are known in public by the culture you portray. You form groups based on common cultural grounds. Common mentalities represent common cultures. In my vision, every aspect of a person’s being is his/her own culture, what he/she learns since childhood and what he/she perceives through nature. “Family culture” is a term used for the common culture of the family, ideas that have been following since generations, values that are being passed on. All the factors responsible for making you the person you are is culture.

No single definition can describe the deep meaning of this complex word. It is how you see the world and perceive it, what is it that you want to follow, admire and achieve, that is culture for you …

– Akriti Kaur