Charles and Ray Eames were asked by the Government of India to recommend a program of training in the area of design which would serve as an aid to the small industries.

They quickly realised that the change India is going through is in kind and not in degree. And rise in communication is the main thing that is fostering this change. They declare that India has three advantages in facing this change.

  1. India has a tradition and a philosophy familiar with the meaning of creative destruction.
  2. India need not make all the mistakes others have made in the transition.
  3. The immediate problems are well defined : FOOD, SHELTER, DISTRIBUTION, POPULATION.

They were astonished by the variations of ‘Lota’, a simple everyday vessel. After travelling across India and witnessing the vast iterations of ‘Lota’ they realised that it was not made in an instant, rather it was perfected by people in each iteration. Similarly they wanted to create an institute that will generate a feeling of correcting and solving the social problems over time.

About the Program :

I would first like to talk about the prospective students suggested by the Eames’s. They say that the only group of students who have been exposed to a variety of disciplines and training are Graduate Architects. They know the key disciplines like Physics and Chemistry. Also, they have applied these disciplines in their training on sociological problems. They know the materials and some basics of Economics. Later on, Eames’s add that these students should be trained to help others and solve their own problems.

They suggested that the faculty should be equal to the number students. The faculty should represent extremely broad disciplines like Engineering, economics, structural, mechanical, production etcetera. They added that the entire success of the programme will depend on the communication links established among the members and between the Institution and the Nation. Regarding the choice of Director of the Institute, they said that He need not be a professional designer, but he should be able to handle the administration in a non specialist manner. They said that the new students will be trained while doing Research and Service projects.

Thanks !

Mehul Chaudhary