Culture is living in an environment for so long, that your personality, your thoughts, your actions, everything about you start defining the aura of that culture.

I have been brought up in a Muslim family, and the culture I have inherited is of living with politeness in every movement. Speaking Arabia, doing prayers, the attires, the etiquettes, everything about my poised personality says it all.

When we talk about society, it consists of people, first of all. Then the love, care, compassion, understanding and attachment they have amongst themselves. This is what I have seen in a society, always.

The way we define climate, it’s the common weather for almost 30 years of a particular place. Taking the analogy, the gathering or group of people, who lives at the same place and even though ‘change is the only constant’; they never change for each other, it becomes society.

Now, the trend is becoming the culture. But in terms of broad views, I would say, India is the only place which has numerous cultures and all of them still exists.

Be it the culture of celebrating every little pleasure, or culture of having too many cuisines, the culture of singing traditional songs, the culture of having colorful attires, the culture of celebrating wedding for almost a month, the culture of visiting worship homes, the culture of unity, the culture of welcoming everyone with warmth, the culture of being individual with diversity in oneself.


Today, people have become work-centric, and slowly the charm of that togetherness is losing. The culture of big families, big family homes, is getting lost in the urbanization and modernization of places and people.

Earlier, when there were no mobile phones, we used to wait for calls, and we would run to wherever the phone was ringing just to hear people talking. PCO and STD are a thing of past now, but we have seen and experienced it all. That was when people used to write, they used to post, they would put an effort in writing short but meaningful letters, which would convey the feelings and emotions. Now. When people have mobile with them all the time, the sense of attachment and missing someone or waiting has declined. It was a culture which invited people together, because then it was necessary to meet, otherwise how would you see them. Today, Skype!

The other major change in society and culture I have seen is portraying the thoughts and opinions to others. Me myself, I am fond of reading books, and in this campus only, there is a culture of reading classics and different genres of books. This kind of culture, I haven’t seen for a long long time before. People discuss about ideas, the motive of writing a masterpiece, the thoughts which ignited a brilliant concept. There is a different culture everywhere and to sum up everything, there is so much interesting to discover in the world, that one lifetime is not enough.