Application of RFID IDs in IIT Guwahati

Current scenario:
Steps to enter in Campus:
1. Reach gate.
2. Write manually details (of students)
3. Sign-off
4. Exit/Enter

1. Loads of manual labor.
2. Fake entries.
3. Unnecessary waste of time.
4. Unable to access previous entries efficiently
5. No connectivity among entry registers of different gates.

Proposed solution:
1. Replacing manual registers with IDs issued by the institute.
2. IDs contain either RFID or bar code.
3. For visitors they can generate Aadhar


Cycle stand

Current scenario:
1. Reach cycle stand.
2. Look for vacant spot.
3. Park cycle there.
4. Lock your bike to stand.
5. Come back later.
6. Find your bike.
7. Unlock(if you find your bike).

1. Losing bikes.
2. Waste time looking for parking space
3. If you trip one bike others fall like domino.
4. Waste of space.
5. Environmental factors like rain, sun, robbers, crows.

Proposed Solution:
Cyclic Cycle Parking (CCP)
Bicycle is an easy-to-ride transportation. Recently it is getting a lot of attention as a no emission vehicle.
– This bike stand has a cyclic platform which can hold six cycles on the platform.
– When one cycle is loaded, bike is liked to the platform and one ring of the stand rotates         60 degrees to bring another platform to the surface.
– This mechanism is activated when the owner of bike produce IDs or token.
– CCP can be installed in hostel premises and near academic complex.
– CCP saves time and space.
– It makes parking more secure and efficient.16667445_1258607130893933_702940751_o-1


Submitted by – 

Dipankar Rabha – 140205009

Karan Kishore  – 140205013

Rajat Gautam – 140205031

Pranav Khare – 140205028

Nikunj Rathod – 140205032