It can be seen from the example of “lota” the design always existed, someone might have thought of those aspects which are mentioned for designing “lota”. However, there was a need to establish a structure, a communication platform which attracts and educates more people about design and brings them together under one roof to solve more severe problems the country was going through. Eames report puts light on the framework of such institution

Today with many established design institutes across the country we can see that most of the guidelines put forward by Eames in his report are still prevalent while some changed with time.

Some of these are mentioned below :

  • “There are some good clues in the everyday solutions to unspectacular problems, in vernacular expressions that are so often ignored” – This statement from report highlights the importance of observation which remains of primary importance in problem solving even today


  • “This method of bringing various disciplines together to attack a problem in a fresh way will be used in India more and more” – The report specifies that the ideal candidate or trainee for the institute may have been exposed to variety of disciplines. The design problem solved today too needs multidisciplinary inputs from experts in various relevant fields.


  • The report mentions the ratio of faculty to student to be 1:1 which would have been great at that time in order to build up a good relation between the faculty and students and facilitate in-depth learning of skills. However today with rapid growth in population it seems to be impossible. Also more and more people are attracted by industries leading the decrease in the amount of researchers and teachers.


  • “The effectiveness of the program will depend on the communication links established” – The importance of communicating the works done remains intact even today. However the context in which this statement was said seems to underline the barriers in effective communication. Today however the techniques of communication have become more advanced and its easy to communicate your works globally especially after the invention of internet. This is what I am doing now sitting in my room :).