With the emerging technology and high-end facilities being provided to the student community, I felt that the renovation is needed in many places, and I would like to discuss some of them here:

  1. Parking near Faculty Gate

Reason: According to the observations, there is a rush of people in the evening, and there is scarcely any place to park the cycles and other vehicles.

Plan: A parking for every type of vehicle could be made, based on the necessity. The necessity can be known through observation of traffic and maintaining a system for a week or so.

Opportunities: The parking can also have a separate area for the E-Rickshaws which are working as a shuttle system in campus right now. The damp which is already present, will be removed which might create some aesthetic beauty as well.

  1. Divider across road opposite Gym

Reason: The roads in the campus are not built according to the buildings, because the buildings were made after the roads. Thus, redesigning roads at places necessary should be set as a priority.

Plan: There should be made a divider across the road opposite to Gym, and also several other changes in the roads of campus.

Opportunities: The traveling distance would be much less, so time and energy are saved. The view of the buildings would be clear, which would allow people to enjoy the amount of time, money and energy spent on the architectural design of that building.

There are many other problems which might be taken care of in near future, such as Drainage/Sewage system, water purification, new hostels which are being made and renovating the existing hostels, etcetra.

Thank you for reading
Zankar Savalia