“Shit yaar .. this semester also started with the headache of an assignment”
quoted Mr. Abhilash , one of the most sincere student of our batch. Not only him, but most of us were speaking the same in our own ways until… Prof.Mriganka had not described about what to do in the assignment.The reason behind this was — We had preimagined the assignment to be a boring, theoretical one where Ctrl+C ,Ctrl+V and our Google baba will come handy.To the contrary of what we had thought..our assignment was to OBSERVE YOUR SURROUNDINGS AND IDENTIFY PROBLEMS AND POTENTIAL DESIGN INTERVENTIONS and with such a beautiful campus of IIT Guwahati, this assignment gave us one more reason to roam in our campus.So, lets dive into some of the problems we identified while having fun.

1) Management of old cycles in campus

Many old cycles, the ones which the passing out batch students leave behind or the ones which belong to lazy students who sacrifice their cycle but won’t repair it, are often seen lying outside hostels and the academic complex. On the other hand there are many students who don’t have cycles but wish to have one or students who lost their cycles.


Anyone reading the above two statements can guess that there is need for proper management of old cycles in campus in a way which meets the needs of the students. The old cycles in front of particular hostel can be repaired by that hostel from its funds or from the money collected by the students who wish to use this service. Then the repaired cycles can bemused by students whenever required by registering their names everytime they issue the cycles.

2) Locating the E-rickshaws’

Recently a new initiative has been taken by the campus authority of starting the E-rickshaw service for the campus residents. It helps people commute faster, reduce pollution, provide employment,etc. These E-rickshaws’ or for that matter many other
vehicles running on electricity have low output to a given amount of electrucal energy input. Hence the use of E’rickshaw needs to be efficient. I have personally experienced calling the E-rickshaw driver who were unable to function due to low battery. The current scenario in campus is that we randomly call the E’rickshaw’s driver and ask him if he could come.


If we provide the locations of E-rickshaws’ on a mobile application, this service will become more efficient. People will be able to spot the Rickshaw which is near to their current position and accordingly call the nearest one. Thus we can save electricity and time.

3) Inappropriate positioning of cloth hanger in hostel    bathrooms

Vishal, the HYGIENIC BOEY of our batch, who bathes twice/day in summers and once/day in winters( A bravery award for such heroic act :p) identified problems in hostel’s bathroom.

05_hanger2Vishal’s second home :p (Bathroom)

Learning to design, is learning to see. As a designer, one of our tasks is to see more and more precisely. We identified the problem, observed carefully and tried to find the reasons behind the problem. I have penned down the important observations:-
1) The size of the bathroom(too small).
2) The positioning of the hanger to the wall adjacent to the shower wall.

This made our clothes vulnerable to water. I felt really disappointed every time I came out of the bathroom as I was not able to save the clothes from the cruel cold water. I could feel the HERO a.k.a me trying to save the HEROINE a.k.a clothes from the VILLAIN a.k.a thanda thanda paani(water), but contrary to the Bollywood films i have watched, I failed every single time. I also observed that bathroom is a place where  Michael Jaikishan/Govinda/Hrithik are born along with some classic moves. Along with these talent rounds, the SMALL SIZE OF THE BATHROOM added to the  problem.

We came with the following solutions for the above problems:-
1) The positioning of the hanger to the wall opposite to the shower wall.                  2)”Rolling Hanger” wherein we could roll the clothes around the hanger, so that they don’t get wet.


4) Signage system of IIT Guwahati

People say that loosing weight is tough. One has to put in lots of efforts to loose weight. Don’t worry guys, IIT Guwahati offers a solution for this problem too. A beautiful campus spread across 700 acres with a POOR SIGNAGE SYSTEM will be a weight loss
training program for any newcomer in the campus.

At present, there are sign boards present inside the campus, but with lots of issues which make it difficult for people to absorb the information present on the boards. The situation is same everywhere,be it on the roads or hostels or academic block or any other building. A sign board is meant to display a sign/information to direct traffic or travellers and the sign boards in our campus are not serving the purpose. Below are some major reasons we found behind POOR SIGNAGE SYSTEM in our campus:-

1) PLACEMENT OF SIGN BOARDS :- Sign boards are placed in inappropriate positions in the campus. With lots of greenery in the campus, some sign boards play hide and seek with people by hiding behind the trees.

2) VISUALS OF SIGN BOARDS :- The way in which all information is written on the boards also makes it difficult for people to understand. The size and color of the text and icons play a vital role for the information to be viewed clearly from far away.

3) VISIBILITY ISSUE DURING THE NIGHT :- As the sun sets and the moon rises, the visibility of sign boards becomes zero. I get a feeling that these sign boards are not in favour of night shifts :p . They also need to have proper rest time. After all, they stand
whole day long and serve us :p. Well, jokes apart, these sign boards are of no use in during the night.

4) ORIENTATION OF THE SIGH BOARDS :- This type of problem prevails in hostels and other buildings in the campus. The orientation of the sign boards in the hostels(Sign boards for JUICE CENTRE, CANTEEN etc) is such that we don’t get to see canteen’s
sign board untill we are standing in front of the canteen itself. Have a look at the image below and you will understandthe problem.

                                                                           SOLUTION                                                                                 The solution to this problem is simple, economic and effective. Some simple ways that are:

1) I think that there is a need of some more sign boards at some places in the campus. The placing,height of the sign board has to be adjusted according to its surroundings.
2) Using the right size and color for the information to make it easily readable.
3) Use of glow in the dark lights on the sign boards making them visible during the night.
4) Orientation of the sign boards needs to be changed in such a way so that a person entering any hostel gets to know where is the juice centre, canteen etc.