1.Awesome Dustbin Cage…!!!!!


Every evening when I return to my hostel room, I always found that dustbin of my lobby is always split out by cat. This scene irritates me always.
As always one day I returned from my class & I encountered the same scene, therefore irritated with this I left the hostel room & went for the evening walk around the campus. In the way I found that many of the dustbins were placed in the iron net, surrounded from four sides & lifted at some height. Thus this design seems to be an awesome design. It not only saves the wastes in dustbin from animals like dogs & cats, but it also prevents it from falling down & scattering the waste all around.
But after one rainy day, I realized that it’s not that good design, as rainwater is anyhow getting into the bin & making waste smell like something worse than hell. Also birds, cats & dogs were successful in taking waste out of it & scattering it all around. As a result, I got the essence of this being a not very good design.

With the seed of curiosity in mind to discover a better design, we continue our journey within the campus & ultimately we found a brilliant dustbin house near married scholars hostel.

“Dustbin House!!!!!”

Somewhere near married scholar hostel, within the campus, we found a 3 walled room with the iron gate on one side & reverse “V” shaped roof. This house was having many small windows with wooden window & slope base near the window. This slippery base helps the waste whichever left near the window to eventually slip inside the respective bins. Therefore no risk of being stolen or get split by animals & birds, & no fear of rain water.


This was really a good design for the dustbin, but at the very same time, it seems to be a very tedious task, as to built an entire 3 walled & a roofed house with 1 iron-gate, just for a dustbin. Therefore we decided to come up with new bin design with the exact same thinking.

Dustbin Cage:

In order to avoid the grievance of previous designs & also to continue the awesomeness of “Dust-bin house,dust-bin” we come up with the cons dustbin cage”. This time we decided to make a cage for our bin, but unlikely to other the traditional cages. This cage is made up of the iron road from all the sides & covered from the top with plastic covering, so that neither bird, cat nor dog can spread the mess all around from it. Also, the cages can be opened from both the sides as well as from the top. So it’s easy to remove the bin for dumping the waste out of it. Also, it’s lid is completely closed, with the little spacing for ventilation, will not allow rain water to get in & spoil the trash inside it. It’s brilliant connectivity , easy & safe storage & accessibility to remove the trash easily out of the cage, makes it perfect design innovation for me.


2.Peace Room in Campus:


In my college, there is noon break after morning session & before the afternoon session. Many students prefer to go back to the hostel, have a lunch, take a nap & rush back to classes. This process often makes them tired, which eventually affects their class performances in afternoon session.
Idea: One day while roaming within the lecture halls area, I noticed some vacant places next to lecture halls. This type of places was very frequent after very next 2-3 lecture classes. After looking at the geography of these places, a question stuck in my mind. The question was, “Can these places be useful for students & often professor like us?”. After that, the idea of “Peace Room” came into my mind.fdh15967302_1737255823258601_336860025_o


The idea was to make this place, as a peaceful place for rest. Whoever will come here has to do only one thing that he/she has to do nothing. The roof & floor of the place will be of dark color (let’s say “black”). The side wall will be of the similar format as it is now, only in that case the side wall will be somewhat polished, i.e. bright stone color with stone patterns over it. The side walls will be decorated with framed posters of great thoughts of some great identities, for inspirations. This place will be decorated with dim lights & low volume sweet music. The bottom of the windows will be decorated with flower pots, mainly of sunflowers. And the entire place will be filled with bin bags & some of the beach benches. The place will be enclosed with glass walls, with two separate door-less entries. This is how we can get a completely calm place for mental peace within a workplace….


3.Navigation Map:


⦁ Takes time to know person’s own location (especially for a new guy).
⦁ I found all maps in campus are in one direction. I think this is because to not confuse users with directions.
⦁ In maps water sources are not colored well.
⦁ For me being a new person I couldn’t able to understand it well. It is full of CHAOS.



⦁ Making more User-friendly to new users.
⦁ Trying to reduce Chaos in the map.
⦁ Well mentioning and proper labeling of elements in the map.
⦁ Showing paths for desired destinations.
⦁ Increasing user experience in all ways.


  1. In the process of searching for a solution. I came up with an Idea of marking the present location of User on the map. An extra advantage is it costs nothing. It just requires a mark on the map.


The beauty of this Idea is it allows the person to know his exact point of location without much strain. So that he can easily find his destination or at least reduce his time in finding destinations.

2.The first Idea is good but there are chances to increase User experience drastically by Digital interfaces.


This digital screen provides more playable experience for a User. We can add particular sounds and smells if we want to increase his experience. With this a User can navigate map easily and can know the route for his destinations and their distances. This device is ergonomically made. All users including first timers are also considered as a main criteria while making this interface. With this device I think our navigation becomes more safer, smoother and least wastage of time.
With this it is easier to remove Chaos and current location pointing is also involved (first Idea).

4.Vast Area Gone Vain


The vacant area between each core is quite silent almost all the time despite people say the area is meant for calmness. Sometimes the feeling of calmness turns so much boring such a way it’s just a piece of ground.


A small area on one side of the vacant space can be utilized such a way people can come there, chit-chat or discuss ideas. The main idea of utilizing the area is to interact with each other get socialize



The small blocks at one side of the open area which can be used for displaying after constructing a vertical visual platform one on each block. The great works or creations of Assam culture and heritage or can be used as the display boards for mounting the best works of different departmental students. So that people can acknowledge get inspirations through their achievements.

This can be in best use while there are any ongoing campus fests. _/\_ _/\_