Our first assignment of the course “Art, Design and Society” was to identify potential design interventions that can be made around our surroundings. This assignment made me pay attention to our surroundings just to search for the problem. I was surprised to see many problems hidden in our surroundings which many of us tend to ignore them.

In this post i would mainly like emphasis about 2 problems that i feel that it should be replaced with a better designed ones

1) Entrance of the sports ground

 Have a glance of our entrance gate to the sports facility in our campus.


                           The straight part of the gate can be rotated along the attached end. The design of the gate is awful because only one person can enter or leave through this gate and the person has to walk in an arc to enter through this gate. Lengthy way right? People who play hockey has heavy sports gear which cannot pass through this gate.

                           One of the solution is to replace it with a normal push and pull gate which makes the movement convenient. Another solution is to replace it with a rotating gate with four partitions which rotates around it’s axle. It allows people to both enter and exit simultaneously.untitled-1-02

2)The grill fence of the road divider

The divider in our campus looks like this.IMG_20170111_164031.jpg

                             The problem with this fence is it has no gate to enter it. This makes it harder to water the plants or remove weeds and maintain them. So a small gate must be made so that it allows the gardener to maintain the plants.

                              The grill can be decorated by attaching LEDs to the grill which glows in the dark. It also serves as street lights where the actual street lights doesn’t work. Using these LEDs we can also display a quote or news or something useful.

                              This grill can also be attached with speed detector so that when any vehicle crosses the speed limit it notifies to the nearest guard and take care of the guilty.

                                                                                                                    – SRUJAN KUMAR (140205026)