New, unique, different, more importantly, change, come to life when only by doing and not just thinking. College is a place to learn, teach, trying out stuff, collaborate, yet the architecture-hostels, halls and other buildings does’nt scream to me “speak out, learn, try something new”.

If a new establishment project comes up, the architect would think to stick to the design the other buildings around the place have. In this case, pyramidal slopes, polygonal foundations. Why should’nt an architect or designer think “I will make something new, different that would make other architects or designers think about it when they want to renovate existing establishments.”Why don’t they think about the future?

Why should every building match with every other in a college?

I made a small attempt of change by taking Manas Community Hall as an example and to change it altogether

Manas community hall is the place where we go in our first years to buy stuff and frequently thereafter. Looks old, haunted, awesome ventilation, but no light even on a sunny day, hexagonal (why hexagon?).

Photograph taken on a sunny day

And the pyramidal top, it was just made to harmonise the hall with other hostels.The stage that has to be the centre of attraction is the darkest places in the hall. Why is the hall open at the opposite side of manas when we know the only things that come out of the shrubs and trees are animals and dust!

What should a future Manas community hall look like, or feel like

Rough sketch of the concept

India is a tropical country. Has harsh sun, but when used subtly, it is the best source of light(duh!). A stage should be interactive, there should’nt be a ‘boss’ in the hall, both the first row audience and the last row audience should be the boss.

A circular or semicircular foundation will make significant difference in nobody being a boss in the hall. all audience are equal. A circular dome mostly for worst case situations like earthquakes-equal stress points are much better.A circular or elliptical opening at the top right side of the dome for sun to light up the stage,If it rains *beautiful effect!* or we could just cover it up with canvas. A transparent solar powered light could be the best option to cover the opening. Allows light to the hall, charges itself up and at night, acts as a light source.

The overall establishment would look more aspirational, futuristic, different and breaks the stereotype!

Another intervention
Why is the parking facility near swimming pool provided?addressing to the fact that most of the faculty members only, own a four wheeler in the campus, one must have asked the faculty members about the placement of the parking facility, also one must have had to see that for sports facilities and SAC building, one could warm their body up by walking to the sports area.

A better place would have been near Khokha gate. Parking facility there could make more sense, as it is observed that many cars are parked beside roads near khokha for having chai