Our first assignment took us around campus to identify various examples of design and fin avenues for intervention if possible.

On one such outing with my team, I spotted a place which I had frequented many a times during my time in college. The tennis practice wall. This wall had been a companion of mine ever since I started playing a year back and had been detrimental in improving my game. This time though, I saw it with a critical eye.


Upon some thought, I could notice various problems in the design of the wall. Some interventions that come to my mind are following:

  1. Lack of tennis net markings on the wall : No point in hitting the ball if it is not crossing over the net.
  2. The length of the floor is too long. Once you miss a ball coming at you, you have to walk a good 10 metres to get it. Addition of stumps on the ground to stop the ball earlier would help reduce time wastage.
  3. Lack of court markings on the ground : Court markings would help players practice different types of exercises where the depth of the ball to be hit is concerned.
  4. The wall is situated adjacent to the girl’s hostel and is too short to be suitable for beginners. Beginners make mistakes, the balls fly over the wall and into the hostel which becomes a pain to collect back. Addition of a net over the wall or increasing wall height would avoid this problem.

I think all these additions would help beginners and professionals alike in improving their game without it being a tedious task to do so. They can focus only on the play rather than on other issues.


-Manas Sharma